Skincare tips while on a sailing trip

The saltiness of any ocean water is usually enough to take a strain on any type of skin but even if you had a botox Dallas, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the sailing trip you’ve planning for. With proper measures in place, you can still enjoy your trip feel comfortable at all times with the great skin. Your journey should begin with the right kind of items especially clothing so you feel comfortable at all times. Some of the most important items you should always pack include toiletries, a swimsuit, enclosed shoes, a nice evening gown and a jacket for the period when the breeze may be too cold. You also have a waterproof bag just to be on the safe side.

Because you have planned this trip weeks in advance, you probably had your liposuction Dallas weeks ago. Depending on how long you intend to be gone, you should make sure the items you carry are more than the intended duration

Your skin will need extra care during the trip and although sometimes you may lucky enough not be affected during the trip, other times your skin may become too dry causing discomfort. Some tips to consider include

Carrying a sunscreen

Since you’ll be spending most of your time outside the yacht or boat sunbathing, sunscreen should be the first item to get into your toiletry bag. The best brands should be those that can protect your skin against the ultra violet rays while keeping it hydrated at the same time. Make sure you apply it before stepping out especially on the areas that will be exposed to the direct sun.

Avoid heavy makeup

During the day you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors, which means your makeup is bound to melt off due to the heat from the sun or be washed off when you take a dip in the water. Try to keep the makeup on the minimum unless you have an evening date.

Don’t forget to remove the makeup

Sometimes some people may be too carried away that they forget to remove their makeup at night. This major mistake can lead to skin damage. Always carry your makeup remover kit and if you forget, try to improvise. It’s also important to scrub your body regularly especially your face with a good facial scrub.

Cover any parts you can

Granted, you want to have fun in your bikini on your trip. However, over exposure to the sun is the biggest skin problem for most people on such trips. You should therefore carry a hat that will provide some shade whenever you’re out of the water. Many hats are available to not only protect you but also make you look good so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong fashion statement. You could also carry a very light piece of cloth to cover other body parts anytime you feel that you’ve had enough sunrays.

Know the type of your skin and take time before going out

In some cases, the body products such as lotion that one uses when indoors can have a different effect when outdoor. For example, being exposed to heat can cause those who have sensitive skin types to have acnes due to too much oil or patches due to dryness. For this reason, you should ensure you understand how your skin reacts in different environments before the trip so that you can carry body products that won’t harm you. You should make sure you space the time you apply sunscreen and lotion and the time you go out well. These products should have enough time to settle into your skin before you walk out for maximum protection.

Take many fluids

Other that making sure you drink a lot of fluids especially water to keep you hydrated, you should also avoid too much spicy food and salt. Foods that tend to absorb water from your body should be minimum if you cannot avoid them completely. Make sure you take enough water to supplement such foods and keep your body and skin hydrated.

Most people dream of a sailing trip for major parts of their lives only to end up disappointed when they start experiencing trouble with the skin. Never forget to apply lip a moisturizing balm on your lips at all times even when you use lipstick.

The lip balm should always come first since your lips are the most exposed. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen after a few hours when you plan to stay out for longer.


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